Seeking USS Newell War Diaries and Deck Logs 1943-45

I’m looking for War Diaries and or Deck Logs of the USS Newell (DE-322), an Edsall-class destroyer escort that was manned by officers and enlisted men from the US Coast Guard.  The ship was commissioned on 30 October 1943.  It primarily did convoy escorts between the States and the Mediterranean from 1943 to 1945.

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    Crew information can be found in the ship's Muster Rolls. As part of our on-going commitment to preserve our records, the National Archives has entered into partnership with to digitize some of NARA's holdings. Digitized records include Muster Rolls/Personnel Diaries (crew rosters) of U.S. Naval Ships and Stations for the dates of January 1,1941 thru January 1, 1963. These records are now available in digital form and can be viewed online via There may be a fee for this service. Or you may view these records online at one of NARA's facilities for free via ALIC. For the nearest NARA location, please consult our web page at Additionally, you may check with your local public or university library as these institutions often provide access to 

    Please note that prior to March 1957, Officer Rosters were included in the ship’s deck logs.  From 1957 onwards, Officers are included in the ship's Muster Rolls/Personnel Diaries. Additionally, some Officer Rosters can be found in the WWII Command Files in Record Group 38 and in the select WWII Station Logs of individual stations in Record Group 181. For access to these officer rosters, please write to

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