military information Edward Ross Purcell

I'm looking for  militaria information about my Uncle, Edward Ross Purcell.

He is born: 17th Jan 1920. died: 31th July 2004

Born in: Troy, New York

According to what we all think, he might be a member of the 30th Infantry Division, Old Hickory.

This Division liberated our home town Kerkrade, in The Netherlands.

It seems that I can't get the correct information about him.

All we know are his stories, that he was indeed a member of the Old Hickory division, but also a member of a Graves Registration Unit.

We have a picture that he is standing as MP at the gate of War cemetery Margraten in The Netherlands.,

If anybody has more information about him or his military file, I would be glad with any help.

I'm asking this because on 5th October  2024, our hometown Kerkrade is celebrating his 80 years Liberation and my uncle would be also honored.

Kind regards Tanja Wirtz