Need proof of when my dad worked on camp lejeune during the years of the water contamination. He worked with an electrical company doing contract work all around the base.

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My dad [Charles Dean Thomas.] worked with an electrical company named Big John Electric Company from 6/25/79 till 8/29/08. I have contacted the electrical company who says they didn't keep their records back then on the computer and so have no records of those contracts.

I know he worked on the base for many years but I have no record

  • You'll need to build a secondary case. Do you have pay stubs from the company (or tax returns showing he worked for them) during that time from? Photographs of him working on base? Co-workers who could give sworn statements that they worked with him, on base, during the time periods?

    Even if you were to find a record of the contracts (and I don't know what the retention policies are, depending on the dollar value of the specific contracts), you'd still have to establish that he worked for the company during that time period and was on base during that time period.


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    According to the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, contract records are temporary records and are disposed of in accordance with the U.S. Navy's Records Schedule. Typically, contract records relating to Facilities Engineering Command are disposed of six years after completion of the contract. For retention periods for Navy Records please reference the Department of the Navy Records Management Program: Records Management Manual SECNAV M-5210.1.


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