WWI Service Records

Like many, I'm trying to find out information re: my Grandfather's WWI service records.

Most of what I've discovered came from a 23 volume compilation of Ohio military personnel created by the Ohio State Legislature in the early 1920s, which included his service number, dates and units of service, campaigns participated in, date of wounding (gas), and discharge:

NA Pike Co, O. Apr 1/18. Br Beaver, O. 24 yrs. 14 Co 4 Tng Bn 158 Dep Brig to Apr 22/18; Co A 330 Inf to July 25/18; Co A 7 Inf to disch. Pvt. St Mihiel; Meuse-Argonne. WIA severely Oct 12/18. AEF June 12/18 to Aug 22/19. Hon' disch Aug 27/19.

The Ohio work was created from service cards obtained from the Federal government at the time.  I've contacted the National Personnel Records Center, and of course, the WWI records were located in the portion of the St. Louis archive that sustained the heaviest damage during the 1973 fire...

I have since located ship manifest records of his embarkation from New York to Liverpool, and the return trip from Brest, France after his service ended after the German occupation.

One of my quandaries regard the campaigns he participated in.  The Ohio record lists St. Mihiel and the Meuse-Argonne (where he was gassed).  However, when I was a boy, I'm sure my Father told me he was in three major battles.  Indeed, the victory service ribbon still affixed to his tunic has three small bronze star devices.  I understood that each of these indicated a battle participated in.  I suppose it may be possible that he was involved in the tail-end of the Aisne-Marne offensive, given the dates.

Does anyone have any information as to what these star devices indicated?  Could one be for the Occupation?  His uniform has two Overseas Service chevrons on the left sleeve, and the one red wound chevron on the right.

I feel fortunate to have gathered as much information as I have, but would dearly love to find a full accounting of his unit's battle participation, field hospital, etc.  I have an open inquiry to the Army Human Resource Command, but am not holding out much hope of getting any information.

Thanks in advance for any information provided.


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