Navy Research Study Conducted in 1975 at the Naval Research Cener New Orleans

I have a veteran that participated in a Navy Research Study testing the seatbelt harnesses for the Space Shuttle Program in 1975. How can i get a copy of that research that showed the veteran participated and any possible injuries while in the study? Thank you.

We are trying to prove neck and back injuries due to the impact tests.

  • We now know the research was done at the Navy Aerospace Research Center, New Orleans, Louisiana and lasted for 18 months.

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    We recommend beginning your research by contacting the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). The Naval Research Laboratory may be contacted through the Contact Us webpage. While some records for the NRL have been transferred into the custody of the National Archives, the NRL also maintains local archives. The NRL provides the following information 

    "Some research program records are retained in other offices while technical reports are permanently retained by the Documents Section of the NRL Library. Special collections are retained by individuals and then transferred to the NRL historian who retains them for an indefinite period before transferring them to the Records Center."

    We hope this assists you with your research! 


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