Uncle henry Watts

I had a great Uncle name Henry Watts (1901-1995) from Philadelphia, PA and I was wondering if you might have anything in your archives about him and his service in the navy. 


Not exactly sure when he served but over the years family members who knew him said that it served on the day of Dec 7th 1941 when the troops stormed the Normandy beach with millions of other active troop members. And amazing he survived that incredible day no one will ever forget. 


So I asking you what kind of data do you have on him and his active service.  If you don't have anything on him do you know where I could go to find out more information  After that day of the Normandy invasion he may have gone on to continue to service but for how long and exactly where I am not sure. 


If you have a picture of him serving in the Navy or a pictures of any awards he might have won I would to see them 


I know that WW2 was a very tough war which had many servicemen who lost their lives in and many who did survive for the next generation to know and learn more about. 


While I am writing this if you know of any good Navy related websites or links I would loved it if you could send them to  me. 

Anything you could send me would be great 

Stephen Hosmer