ISO Records for Polish Prisoner in Stalag VII A & Anything Else


I am looking to obtain any/all records related to my grandfather, Jan Bielak. We do not have any records from 1939-1945 while interned in Stalag VII A. Below is the information I have: 

Name: Jan Bielak

DOB: 8.12.1917
Born in Nowy Staw, Lublin (Lubelski) Poland

Serial number: 84 588

Places we KNOW he was at based on commendation letters pertaining to immigration to the U.S.:

7317th Labor Service Unit, 7030th HQ. Support Group, Landsberg Air Force Base 
4312 Labor Service Company, Erding Air Depot, US Army
IRO Area No. 8, Bremen-Grohn

Prisoner number at Stalag VII A: 7106
Taken prisoner on: 9.19.1939

Happy to provide paperwork if that would be helpful. Thank you!


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    We apologize for the confusion!

    We have searched the National Archives Catalog for any records referencing "Bielak, Jan." The search results may be viewed here. Please note that all these records have been digitized and may be viewed using the Catalog.

    Further, we searched records available via for any references to Jan Bielak. The search results may be viewed here. There is usually a fee for these services. You may also view these digital records online at one of NARA's facilities for free via the Archives Library Information Center (ALIC). A list of our facilities is available on our Visit Us webpage. Additionally, you may check with your local public library or university library as these institutions often provide access to websites such as

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    We hope this assists you with your research! 


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