Ship ralph wellman was on in WWII

Ralph Wellman naval records during WWII

  • A quick search indicates there were at least two Navy sailors with that name. Do you have a date of birth, date of enlistment, or complete name? Was he Ralph Emery Wellman by any chance?

    I found some possible matches on Ancestry.

    All U.S., World War II Navy Muster Rolls, 1938-1949 results for Ralph Wellman (the one with and without middle initials are two different people)

    Name Ship, Station or Activity Ship Number or Designation Muster Date
    Ralph Wellman Dehaven DD-727 1-Nov-45
    Ralph Wellman Dehaven DD-727 1-Jan-46
    Ralph Wellman Dehaven DD-727 1-Feb-46
    Ralph Emery Wellman Mount Baker AE-4 31-Mar-44
    Ralph Emery Wellman Mount Baker AE-4 31-Mar-44
    Ralph Emery Wellman Mount Baker AE-4 30-Jun-44
    Ralph Emery Wellman Mount Baker AE-4 30-Sep-44
    Ralph Emery Wellman Mount Baker AE-4 31-Dec-44
    Ralph Emery Wellman Mount Baker AE-4 31-Mar-45
    Ralph Emery Wellman Mount Baker AE-4 1-Jul-45
    Ralph Emery Wellman Mount Baker AE-4 1-Oct-45
    Ralph Emery Wellman Mount Baker AE-4 1-Jan-46
    Ralph Emery Wellman Mount Baker AE-4 1-Feb-46
    Ralph E Wellman New York BB-34 31-May-43
    Ralph E Wellman New York BB-34 30-Jun-43
    Ralph E Wellman New York BB-34 30-Sep-43
    Ralph Emery Wellman New York BB-34 31-Mar-44
    Ralph Emery Welman Mount Baker AE-4 30-Jun-44

    Ralph Wellman in the U.S., Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File, 1850-2010

    Name Ralph Wellman
    Gender Male
    Birth Date 3 Jul 1911
    Death Date 19 May 1987
    Cause of Death Natural
    SSN 268184326
    Enlistment Branch NAVY
    Enlistment Date 10 May 1944
    Discharge Date 9 Jan 1946
    Enlistment Branch 1 NAVY
    Enlistment Date 1 7 Apr 1955
    Discharge Date 1 19 Nov 1973
  • Thank you for information provided on my father.  He had no middle name, name was Ralph Wellman, born July 3, 1918 (not 1911 as I think records show, his death date is accurate, but causes were not “natural” as shown, he died of leukemia (AML) to be exact.

    When he was alive we never talked about the war and of course, I so regret that.  Absolutely any information you can give me on daddy would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for what you do for people.

  • The VA would class death from illness as natural.

    Here are some possible (by no means certain) matches for him in the muster rolls.

    Your best best is to request his service record:   Navy Service Records and Related Records  

  • One more thing:  I also found Ralph Wellman in the "U.S., World War II Draft Cards Young Men, 1940-1947" on Ancestry.

    Name Ralph Wellman
    Gender Male
    Race White
    Age 22
    Relationship to Draftee Self (Head)
    Birth Date 3 Jul 1918
    Birth Place Fort Gay
    Residence Place Louisville, Lawrence, Kentucky, USA
    Registration Date 16 Oct 1940
    Registration Place Kentucky, USA
    Employer Not Employed
    Height 5 6
    Weight 134
    Complexion Light
    Hair Color Brown
    Eye Color Gray
    Next of Kin Taylor Wellman

    If you want to order his Selective Service Classification History, see here for details: 

  • Finally,  I know you did not ask about Census records, but here's his 1950 Census form.  There are also records for 1920, 1930, and 1940 available.  Let us know if you need help with those by requesting them on the  Census Records forum. 


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