Moderation Note: [I am looking for information about Berlinische Lebensversicherung] Ich suche Informationen über die Berlinische Lebensversicherung

Moderation Note:[A former civilian employee with the U.S. Armed forces in Berlin from 1994.When the U.S. withdraws Armed forces there was an operational shutdown Termination. There was a severance payment for civilian employees in 1994 and a life insurance payout. Where can I find something about it, where it is mentioned or noted in the files? The time and place of service was Berlin. I hope that something is noted about this. I would be grateful for any information.]

Beim Abzug der U.S. Streitkräfte kam es zur betriebsbedingten Kündigung.  Es gab eine Abfindung für die Zivilbeschäftigten im Jahr 1994 und die Auszahlung einer Lebensversicherung. Wo finde ich etwas darüber, wo es in den Akten erwähnt ist bzw. vermerkt ist.? Dienstzeit und Dienstort war Berlin.  Ich habe Hoffnung, dass darüber etwas vermerkt ist.Ich bin dankbar für jeden Hinweis. 


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    Initial searches of accessions of the U.S. Army Europe and Seventh Army and of the Berlin Brigade were unsuccessful in locating records on life insurance from the period.  Although not a hard and fast rule, records in our custody typically were transferred from other Federal agencies at least 30 years after they were created and used, which makes this period on the cusp of when records may be transferred to us.  

    If you are interested in records on an individual, records potentially could be at the National Personnel Records Center.  The key element may be whether someone was an employee of the Army or hired as a contractor.  If the former, you may wish to contact the National Personnel Records Center to see what, if any, records may be available.

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