Looking for information regarding Lt. Roy Gilbert USN CEC 16th Naval District. After the war (WW 2) his wife, Agnes, received information from Lt. Edward Little stating that he had information that Roy had left behind for her. Unfortunately, by the time sh

My grandma who is now 94, has spent her life not knowing what her dad left for her mother. However daunting the task, I would like to figure out if there is any way for me to provide some information for her.

My grandma and her parents moved to Manila in 1937. Her father, Roy, went to work with his long time friend, Ben Goodier. He also was friends with Wendell Fertig and my grandma was friends with their children. I know Roy had helped construct the Naval tunnels. 

In various documents he is referred to as R.D. Gilbert. He is from New Mexico. He was called back to active duty in February of 42. He was executed in Sept of 43 for attempting to escape Cabantuan. 

Thank you