Searching for military records for my great-great-great grandfather Richard H. Hill who served in the civil war.

I'm piecing together my family's military history and am searching for more information about my great-great-great grandfather Richard H. Hill. My dad believes Richard fought in the battles of Gettysburg and Chancellorsville. I would love to know if that's accurate information and any additional information about his time in service. 

  • Hi Marissa,

    We will need some more info re: your GGGGF before we can help  There are multiple Richard H Hill's in both the Union & Confederate services  If he enlisted without his middle initial, there are even more Richard Hill's.  So please help us narrow the search  Where was he from (town, state)? Do you know where he enlisted (or was drafted)?  When? Do you know if he served in the Infantry, Cavalry or Artillery?  Do you know his birth year?  Do you know when/where he died?  Any info you know about him may help narrow the search

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  • Good morning! 

    Here is everything that I know about Richard H. Hill...

    Born in 1843 - died in 1923 

    Wife: Sarah Hill (born 1851 - died 1910) 

    Children: William H. Hill, John L. Hill, Nan Hill, and A.A. Hines

    It's believed he fought in the battles of Antietam (would have been 19 years old), Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg (would have been 22 years old). Fought for the Union. His veteran's card notes "N.S. Bradley camp no. 96 Division of Pennsylvania Sons of Veterans USA Located at Burgettstown. This is to certify that comrade Richard Hill of *writing illegible* Post No 286 Dept of *writing illegible - possibly Perma?* G.A.R was duly obligated in this Camp on July 2 of 1906" signed by Captain S.G. Malone and First Sergeant T.G. Graham.  

    Born/lived in Pennsylvania...possibly in Burgettstown. 

    His eldest son is William H. Hill (this would be my great-grandfather) who was born in Burgettstown on 11/11/1868 and died on 4/2/1927. William H. Hill fought in the Spanish-American war. He enrolled on 5/12/1898 (according to his veterans' card) or 4/8/1898 (according to his discharge papers) and was discharged on 2/28/1899. I have some military records for William H. Hill including his United Spanish War Veterans card. According to his discharge papers, he was an Artificer of the 14th Regiment of Pennsylvania. I have his booklet "Constitution and By-Laws of William Jones Camp No. 59". I have a letter that he wrote to his father Richard Hill noting that he is at Camp Meade, PA dated Sep 17, 1898 from 2nd Brigade 2nd Corp Company 6, Reg't 14th Division 1st. His obituary notes " did his father and grandfather, he served his county as a good soldier". We know his father is Civil War vet Richard H. Hil, but I have no idea who his grandfather would have been and what war he served in. 

    William Hill had a son Hal Howard Hill (my grandfather) who was born on 6/20/1919 in Burgettstown. Hal Howard Hill served in the 8th Air Force in WWII and was an engineer on B-24 (I'm also trying to find more information on his time in service as I believe he was injured and may have received a Purple Heart but did not talk about his time in Europe...)

    I hope that this helps! 

  • Hi marissabchampion

    Your family has an amazing histoty of service!  I did a search on Ancestry in 1890 Veteran Census & found this record of Richard Hill living in Burgettstown PA

    Acording to the records he enlisted in Co.L of the 28th PVI (Penna. Volunteer Infantry)  & in Oct 1862 Companies L, M,N & O were transferred to the 147th PVI  Richard was transferred to Co. A 147th PVI

    Info on the 28th PVI: 

    you can view rosters of 28th PVI here: 

    You can view Rosters & info on the 147th PVI here (just scroll down) - 

    PA Veterans Card File

    - It looks like he served with the 147th PVI til it mustered out in July 1865  It lists him as a vet because he re-enlisted.  His initial enlistment was for three years, but there were huge bounties offered in late 1863  to get men to re-enlist. Per this card he re-enlisted Dec 26 1863 for 3yrs or the end of the War 

    - He also has a pension record (here his enlistment is shown as Aug 5 1861) These are the Organization Pension Index Cards (you'll need the application & certificate # to request his pension record)

     You can request his Service & Pension records.

    Service Records 

    - he will have a seperate Service Record for the 28th PV & the 147th PV

    Civil War Records: 

     You can also look into whether he has a Carded Medical Record - This response to a question about these records has a good explination  

    - If you are located in PA, the PA State Archives has an arrangement with Ancesry to provide access to some state records including some relating to veterans & the CW Muster Rols -  see here: 

    - Also many local libraries provide free access to Ancestry - there is a Family Tree for Richard Hill on there so you may want to check with your library

    Hope this helps get you started - Good Luck


  • OH MY GOODNESS! Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with my search. I am so grateful to you. This gift you've given me is priceless - thank you!!!

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