Looking for military records for my 1st cousin Robert J Filipowski

Robert J Filipowski served in Vietnam. Not sure exactly how many tours. Probably more than three less than six. He was awarded the Disgusting Flying Cross. I believe that was Feb 1971.

He also was awarded a Purple Heart. i tend to think that was the same incident. He received a couple of other

How can I find basic information on his service. He was Army and a helicopter pilot.

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  • Try mailing in the form, instead of doing it electronically. And include any documentation you have.

  • I checked on Fold3.com, and that is his valid Service number. He was a warrant officer.

    And according to Military Time's Hall of Valor, the 1971 award of the Distinguished Flying Cross was actually the third award--so he had at least three DFCs (2nd Oak Leaf Cluster):


    As I said earlier, if you send in a written request, instead of doing it online, you might have better luck. Because then it will be handled by a human, who may be able to correct what the computer sees as a mistake, and override it.

    But send in copies of any documentation you have, all the same, so they can see exactly what it says.

    I suspect the confusion with the computer is because your cousin got commissioned. In the Army Register I found him in, he was a Warrant Officer. Warrant Officers have Service Numbers which began with "W." When he got commissioned, he would have gotten a new Service Number which began with "O." Nurses had Service Numbers which began with "N."

    You could try putting his rank in the rank field as CW-2 and see what happens as an alternative, then put in the remarks section that he was latter commissioned, but that you don't have his officer service number and see what happens.

  • Donald Hall

     Thanks you have been a big help.

     Yes I saw that he had a total of three Distinguished flying crosses. He also had a purple heart.

     I heard, seems it was another cousin said, Bob flew a Huey gun ship. During an extraction ground fire opened up.

    He flew between the rescue helicopter and the ground fire so that his machine gunner could provide some cover.

    I was told a bullet went through his face in that encounter. He spent some time in Hong Kong for surgery and recovery, went back to Vietnam.

  • Actually, if he was evacuated out of country to recuperate, but not to the US, he would have gone to Japan. We had several hospitals there to support that mission for Vietnam, with thousands of operational beds.

    If he went to Hong Kong, which was British at the time, it would have been for R&R.

    We also flew patients to the Philippines, but patients didn’t stay there until they recovered, it was a way-point for evacuation back to the United States—take them off the planes, check their condition, let them rest in the hospital overnight, then load them on another plane for the remainder of their flight.

  • Donald Hall


    Thanks again for your response.

    Great example of not having actual records. What I recalled was he went for surgery, plastic surgery. I recall that either accurately or inaccurately that he spent some time in HK before returning to Vietnam.

    I’m going to try another request via web. I saw a phone number might call and see what I can do.


  • Donald Hall thanks I will submit a written request