Looking for military records for my 1st cousin Robert J Filipowski

Robert J Filipowski served in Vietnam. Not sure exactly how many tours. Probably more than three less than six. He was awarded the Disgusting Flying Cross. I believe that was Feb 1971.

He also was awarded a Purple Heart. i tend to think that was the same incident. He received a couple of other

How can I find basic information on his service. He was Army and a helicopter pilot.

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  • You can do one of two things, then. If he has a next of kin, you can ask them to submit the request (and I understand sometimes that can be problematic because of family dynamics).


    You can put in the remarks block "Request release of award citations under the Freedom of Information Act" or "Request release of all information available under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)" Then explain that the information is for family history research, that you are willing to pay a fee of up to (pick a number) and ask for the fee to be waived.

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