RE: Discharge papers from military - DD214

To whom it may concern,

My grandparents (Elijah Mullen's parents) are deceased. All of my uncle's siblings are deceased as well. His wife is also deceased and they had no children.

When I initially filled out the request on National Archives I indicated the request was for "family genealogy purposes" which was an 'accepted reason to request at that time' I also indicated Elijah Mullen is an uncle. My maiden name is Mullen and this is one of my father's siblings. In addition I provided the OTHER FAMILY RELATONSHIP AS "NIECE". I also indicated my request was not for Freedom of Information (FOIA).

 I do not know my uncle's' social security number HOWEVER, I did provide; date of enlistment, rank, branch of the military, serial number, term of enlistment.  

QUESTION: How can I check the status of my request if  do not know my request number?

I have not attempted to email or call NPRC as of this correspondence.

  • I was finally able to contact NPRC on the phone. Per this conversation my initial request for my uncle's DD214 was responded to in and closed about 1 yr ago.. As I missed this correspondence, the Customer Service Rep forwarded instructions to my email on how to request my uncle's DD214 thru National Archives - Request Military Service Records on May 24, 2023.  I was able to re-request this document. Please close this thread. Thank you.