Seeking my father's World War II records

Hi, All!  I am searching for my late father's WWII Army records. National Archives in St. Louis said his OMPF was not available due to the 1973 fire. I have his separation document, dog tags, some medals and a few pictures/memorabilia.  I was able to find his Honorable Discharge document and draft registration online at one of the free websites. He grew up in Holt, Missouri (Clinton County) registered for the draft in 1940, was inducted on 2 Feb 1942 at Fort Leavenworth, KS, spent time (basic training?) at Camp Bowie, TX. He was also stationed in New York and was a member of the 156th Infantry. He sailed for Europe on 25 September 1942. He served in England, France, and Belgium. He did share with me that he had served as a guard at an American POW camp, guarding German prisoners. He also worked as a vehicle mechanic. He was a scout (Hon Discharge doc) and was eligible for a Bronze Star (National Archives), neither of which he ever mentioned.  He was discharged on 24 November 1945, and sailed home on the troopship Joseph T. Robinson, docking at Boston in December 1945. I want so much to get more of a connected timeline of his service, and would deeply appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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