Brooklyn Navy Yard employment records

My grandfather, Walter T. Doyle, Serial # 131 88 07, was a member of the US Navy from April 21, 1917 thru Oct. 27, 1919. He then worked in the Brooklyn Navy Yard from 1919 possibly thru the 1960s. Is there any source to verify if and when he worked at the Navy Yard, and what he did there? (Per census records, his occupation was listed as a rivet heater and a corker).

Thank you for any assistance.


  • Martin, I work at the Brooklyn Navy Yard running the tour programs there, and we get this questions a lot, but

    we usually do not have a very satisfactory answer for people. The personnel records for the Brooklyn Navy Yard are held at the National Archives at St. Louis, and you can request these records to be sent to you; however, please note that NARA St. Louis suffered a major fire in 1973 that destroyed a large portion of these records, so what you're looking for may be lost. Here is info from NARA to request these documents:

    I did a cursory search through the shipyard's newsletter (1941–1966), but did not find his name mentioned there. If he did work there through WWII, usually there would be a mention, as there often is for workers that were there 20+ years. Hope this helps!

  • hello Mr. Gustafson

    my dad, Jakob or Jack Naimann worked at the brooklyn navy yard during and for several years after world war ll. i believe he was an electrician there. would you be so kind to check to see if his name is in the shipyard's newsletterr? thank you. leslie rubinson

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