Polish 2nd Corps, 7th Armoured, Squadron A

Hello all, 

I've spent the past year searching for my partners grandfather. 

Henryk Szucik was born in Dokszyce 08/03/1926 to Aleksander and Marii Wojnicz. 

Unfortunately we do not know the fate of his family. Henryk joined the 2nd Corps in January of 1945 in Gallipoli, Italy but we do not know how he got there, or where he was from 1939 - 1945. 

I have received his records from the MOD but a lot of information is redacted, bar he spent almost 2 weeks in military hospital in August of 1945. 

He was a military vehicle and Sherman tank driver. 

Could anybody advise of where he was likely to be between 39 and 45 or his route to Italy? 

Many thanks 


    Thank you for posting your question on History Hub!

    During the time in which your partner’s grandfather joined The Polish 2nd Corps, the unit was an independent part of the 8th British Army, so the records of these units will be held at the National Archives of the United Kingdom. Please contact that agency directly for more information. We recommend visiting the website of the National Archives of the United Kingdom to learn more about their records and services.

    The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is the depository of the permanently valuable non-current records of the Federal United States Government, so we can make recommendations for records relating to United States military or federal civil service, records of US military departments or federal agencies, or other US government created or maintained records. 

    We regret that we cannot be of further assistance and hope this information is helpful.


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