WW2 Ribbon/Award identification. Help please?

My father, Thomas Whitfield Henry, US Army number 01293587 served in Europe in WW2 and earned the awards in the attached picture.

Over the years since his passing in 2000 I have identified all the ribbons except the circled one. I think it was probably a campaign ribbon ....but it remains a mystery.

I have sent queries to numerous people/organisations without success and often with no response.

Hopefully a forum member can assist.

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  • Thank you so much Lisa.

    I read through all the information provided in the link you included. I don't really need more than that for family interest and curiosity to be satisfied. Official or not it is an integral part of the available record we have of dad's army service about which he personally said very little...and of who's service we remain very proud.

    Sadly most of his official records were lost in the 1973 fire and most his own personal records and medals were returned to the US or destroyed by himself while he was very upset with the US during the Vietnam era.....until mum stopped him. We still have a Bronze Star, Purple Heart and his ribbons but that's all.

    Your help has cleared up that long standing mystery for us. Again thank you 

    Kindest regards,