Research on my Italian great-grandfather captured on 21 July 1943 in Castelvetrano (Trapani, Sicily, Italy), POW of the Americans during the WWII in Africa (probably Algiers) (1943 -> 1944) and then Fort Knox (1944-> 1945)


I was looking for documents regarding my Italian great-grandfather captured and taken prisoner by the Americans on 21 July 1943 in Castelvetrano (Trapani / Sicily / Italy).

According to the documents found in Italy he should have first been transferred as a prisoner to Africa (most likely Algiers) on 25 July 1943 until 20 December 1944 and then to America until 1 September 1945 at Fort Knox.

In addition to his personal details, I also have the prisoner number that should have been assigned to him at Fort Knox.

Would you know what link or email I can go to to perhaps get some personal documents and to find out what he experienced in that period?

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