Looking for original F6F-3 Hellcat blueprints.

I'm looking for a digital copy of F6F-3 Hellcat blueprints to use for a project. Essentially, I'm looking for an aircraft version of ship lines. I've found plenty of examples from wooden models and all, but nothing from Grumman. I even asked them and their records are currently being moved and are unavailable.

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    We found reference to F6F-3 drawings in two Cartographic series: RG 72 Manufacturer's Blueprint Plans and RG 72 Numbered Plans.

    RG 72 records are partially restricted due to proprietary rights; they can be viewed in the research room, but not copied. If the title block information indicates it was produced by a private company, such as Grumman, the drawing is restricted and may be viewed in our research room, but cannot be copied or photographed.  In order to copy or photograph proprietary rights restricted RG 72 records in our research room, we require a written letter from the manufacturer on company letterhead giving you permission to copy the specific records. This can be brought with you or emailed to us at carto@nara.gov prior to your visit.

    We invite you to continue the conversation with community members on History Hub, but if you have questions about visiting, reproduction services or other questions for Cartographic staff, please contact carto@nara.gov.

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