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My name is Dan Gediman and I run a non-profit called Reckoning, Inc. We have a long-term research project called the Kentucky U.S. Colored Troops Project ( As part of that project, we have deeply researched about 750 soldiers from the counties around Louisville, where we are based. In the process, for several soldiers, we have found in their CMSRs a "Form for Examining a Recruit" with information filled in by a doctor who examined USCT soldiers who enlisted in the Union Army. Do any of you know of any entity that has compiled a number of such medical examination forms for Union Army enlistees? If not, do you know a way to search through the National Archives' collection of scanned CMSRs to look for this string as a keyword "Form for Examining a Recruit" as a way to identify CMSRs that contain these forms
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    You can go to the Compiled Military Service Records (CMSRs) for the Union in the Civil War in the NARA catalog at this link: and do a "Search within this Series" (Look for the blue button) and search for "Form for Examining a Recruit" to find more records with this form. Do be aware that this record series is only partially available online currently.

    We are not aware of any research specifically on these medical examination forms, but we do suggest that you contact the National Museum of Civil War Medicine to ask their staff. You can find contact information here:

    Hopefully other community members may have additional suggestions.

    We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your research!

  • Thank you SO very much for this guidance. It was tremendously helpful! I have a follow-up question. On your catalog URL for the CMSRs, it says it says the collection is "partially available online." I had understood that these CMSRs were previously scanned and indexed by Fold3 and then given back to you to put on your website. Are they giving them back to you in batches, and that's why the collection is only partially available? Or is there some other reason? And either way, do you have a rough estimate for when ALL of them may someday be available on your website?

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  • You might also review the Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion. You should be able to find someone who has digitized it someplace--probably Google Books. It was published by the Army Medical Department following the war.