Asiaic Pacific Ribbon

In my grandfather's medals & ribbons, I came across an Asiatic Pacific ribbon with 4 stars. I'm confused because he was in ETO-HQ COMZ/ADSEC 4267th QM Truck Sv Co (Red Ball & XYZ). He enlisted in 1935. He mentions in a letter about the "point system" that he had more than the rest of his men (he was T/Sgt) and says he had 3 stars for St. Lo -which I'm assuming Operation Cobra and before. August 1st, he was swapped back to infantry back to SOS-POL and supplied Third Army. I have tried to identify it everywhere until I pulled up a CBI Quartermaster website.  Attached Anyone know? I read the criteria and it just doesn't fit.    He did serve in Alaska 2 times. 1947-1948 & 1953-1955

Thanks for any help.

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  • Thank you for the link to this form. I do have one question. He enlisted in the Army in 1935. After the war, he was still Army until December 1949 and reenlisted in the Air Force. So from 1935-1950=Army and 1950-1969=Air Force when he retired from the military.

    Should I submit one form for his Army service and a separate one for his Air Force time? And if I submit only, should I send to Army or Air Force?

    Second, I submitted a request to eVets in September but haven't heard back. If I submit this/these forms, will it cancel that request? I really want to get my grandfather a military marker on his headstone so I don't want to chance my original request to be voided.

    I started this journey with zero info and I've now discovered over 100 letters written in 1944-1945 and by chance have discovered a very brave and valiant story. I knew he drove for Red Ball but I happened upon ADSEC HQ reports and I can basically trace every movement by cross-referencing his letters, those ADSEC reports, Patton's detailed historical reports, reading SO many military leader's biographies, notes written on the back of a plethora of photos and reading any history books about WWI along with dated / factual newspaper articles. 

    My goal is to put it in writing, completing the photo album with photos and facts and having it to preserve a story which we were NEVER allowed to speak about with him. It deserves to be part of a legacy and gift to my grandkids and beyond.

  • Actually, he probably transferred to the Air Force when it was formed--which wouldn't show up on his paperwork, necessarily--and then would have reenlisted in the Air Force when his term of service, from his previous reenlistment in the army, expired.