On February 11, 2024, it will be 80 years since the Kentucky Babe crashed near our village of Le Quesne.
In the papers of our father, Germain BOURGOIS, we found the letter sent by the US embassy in thanks for the help provided to the members of the crew as well as two photos.
The other helpers from Le Quesne listed on your web page are Madame Paule Guérout, resistance fighter and member of the Bourgogne network, and Mr. Oscar Crépy. They are not the only ones; there were other people who intervened. The baker who gave the clothes of her late husband (a prisoner of war who died in Germany in January 1942), the women who went to join Sokolowski and others...
In one of these photos are Landers, Sokolowki, and in the other there is also Rutherford and two young girls from the village who escorted them on their travels until they were taken care of by the Bourgogne network.,
Heldman, Hayvood, Spining were taken over by other helpers further west and other networks.
Carson, Riley, Lynch and Richey were taken prisoner and Howards died during the attack who is buried in Colleville Cemetery.
I am looking for documents and photos that would allow us to remember and expose this fact to the people of Le Quesne, Beaucamps and neighboring villages (Rutherford came across Beaucamps).
I would like to have more information on the Kentucky Babe, on the mission.
I would like to be able to identify all the members of the crew, and have a photo in uniform for each of them, information on their military career, and know what happened to them after the war.
Spining's daughter came to the scene and handed over some documents to the resistance museum in Forges les Eaux;
Is it still possible to contact other families and by what means ? Thank you for helping us.

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