Awards file for Distinguished Service Cross

I’m attempting to determine if there is an individual award file (or any file) for the award of the Distinguished Service Cross to Russell H Woodward For an action performed near St. Lô, France on June 18th, 1944.  He was assigned to D Company, 1st Battalion, 175th Infantry, 29th Division.

The First Army award files at would appear to be a likely records group, but there are no finding aids.

Chuck Tucker

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    The attached item may be useful.

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    Thank you for posting that -  I have also found this text - "Private First Class Russell H. Woodward, 35404576, 175th infantry, United Sates Army, for extraordinary heroism in action against the enemy on June 19, 1944, in France. When hi unit was ordered to withdrawal, PFC. Woodward voluntarily remained at his position with one machine gun, to single-handed cover the withdrawal of the entire company. The enemy placed heavy fire on his position but PFC. Woodward disdained to leave his post, continued to fire into the enemy long enough to permit his comrades to withdraw. While so engaged, this valiant soldier, was mortally wounded and died on his post. The extraordinary heroism and courageous action of PFC. Woodward reflects great credit on himself and is in keeping with the highest traditions of the armed forces. He entered service from West Virginia."    

    I'm curious if the award file has additional information and/or witness statements concerning this action. 

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    Thanks very much for sharing the story.It reminds me of a WWII poster, pictured below. As to your curious question, go ahead and follow through. You have nothing to lose.


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    We reviewed the series First Army Award Files identified in your inquiry and located a file that includes information on Russell H Woodward. For more information about these non-digitized records, please contact the National Archives at College Park - Textual Reference (RR2R) at Please include the citation listed below in your request. 
    Record Group 338
    Entry A1 591
    Box 37 
    File Woodw-Woolu 200.6
    Distinguished Service Cross - Russell H Woodward

    We invite you to continue the conversation with community members on History Hub, but should you have follow up questions for the staff at Archives II, please email us at so that we can assist you further. 

    We hope this assists you with your research! 


    Textual Reference Archives II Branch (RR2RR)

    [RR2RR 24-01074-SZ]