Enlisted soldiers' assignment process during WWII

Dear NARA,

I am a PhD Candidate in economic history and I am interested in the trained recruits’ assignment to military units during WWII. Precisely, I have interested (if not wrong) that enlisted individuals were trained by the Army Ground Forces (AGF). However, it is not clear to me how they were assigned to military divisions once trained. Do you know where I could find this information?

I could read that the final action on the allotment and assignment of overhead personnel and capacities, and on the allocation and shipment of trainees and students, was effected by the War Department through The Adjutant General on the basis of recommendations made by the offices of the chiefs of arms. Hence, is it possible to track the assignment decisions for each individual solider enlisted during the war?

I wonder if this list of information is available in the 407.5 RECORDS RELATING TO PERSONNEL 1905-73 or 165.3 Records of the Personnel Division (G-1).

I am interested in knowing if individual were assigned on an individual or collective basis. Precisely, I would like to know if there was geographical consideration in the assignment process, namely if all soldiers originated from the same county were typically assigned to the same division.

Many thanks,
Maxence Castiello

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