Researching Fatal Alaskan Crash on Mt Perosue

I am currently trying to find more information about my relative Robert E, Weber who was aboard a Douglas C-54D with the Registration Number 42-72700. The C/n/ msn is 10805. The C-54 he was on crashed 1,000 feet below the summit of the 10,740ft Mount La Perouse on Saturday 29th, July 1950. I am seeking more information about his time and possibly other ones of the crew members and the sole passenger, here are the serial numbers of the crew and the current information I have. 

S/Sgt Francis V Toomey: Airman #AF-321385527

CL Robert E Weber: Airman #AF-16280272

S/Sgt Elain J Vanhills: Airman # AF-16260523

1st Lt R.C. Reish: Airman # 14800A

The pilot; P Eugene T. Sewall, S/N: O-797617 (WWII B-17 Pilot with the 92nd Bomb Group 407th Bomb Sqdn flying missions out of England)

+ UnknownPassenger

I am looking for information about all of these people, specifically about my relative Robert Weber. I generally am curious about this since we have no idea about what my relative did in his time before the fatal crash but I feel like it would be a tragedy to leave out the other five victims. Thank you for reading and happy hunting!