how can I find company and division

How can I find WWII info on what Company? (A-B-C) or Division (infantry?) my grandfather was in?

On Musters of 4-30-1939,  it's Company K, 29th Infantry. But 4 months later on Muster dated 8-31-1939, it says Co. B, 38th Infantry.

Most confusing is the Army - Army Air Corp division & "searches" and he actually retired from the military at Vance Air Force Base, so he's shown as the Air Force also.

So many moving variables.

I want to see if I can possibly pinpoint him overseas - Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland, Ardennes & Central Europe (which I know from his medals he received) but I'm confused as to what search "words" to use to drill down to facts.

His name was Glenn Hardgrave, retired Master Sergeant and his Army serial No. was 06260307. 

  • Don't know if this could help or not, but my dad was in world war II and served in many of the same places as the person you're looking for. He was in the Army his paperwork states that it was Company G, 13th infantry. My dad was a PFC Rifleman / Messenger between battalion headquarters and his company headquarters. He is listed as being in Battle of the Bulge, as well as in the campaigns or points of interest that you had mentioned in your letter. Additional places he was mentiond being were Luxembourg and into Germany. I really don't know my infantries from battalions or how they were divided and chosen to mention for whatever reason, But I thought I would at least let you know those possibilities. I'm just beginning my search for more information regarding What must have been part of my dad's experiences with company G and the 13th infantry in those places:

    Since my dad was in a few of the same places as this other gentleman's relative I thought I would forward this information to him thinking it might be helpful in his search. But I sent more information to the national archives in order to obtain my father's discharge papers which I have papers of separation but I don't know if they're the right ones that I need.

    In any case I wanted to add more information about my dad in this letter since it might be the only one some will be able to reference for information about him.

    Name: Ralph George Bell

    Army s/n: 33 393 731

    Grade: PFC


    Component: AES (middle letter is unclear could be a C)

    Entered into Active service in and sent overseas in 1943

    Return home in late 1945

    Separation point: St Francis ????? Wyoming

    Battles and campaigns: Normandy, Northern France, Battle of the Bulge, Central France, some place with a  German sounding name. can't make it out. ( And these are probably not in chronological order)

    Is also noted that he spent time in Belgium and Luxembourg In addition to the above locations. 

    Hope that helps. 

  • The component was probably "AUS," for "Army of the United States."

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