how can I find company and division

How can I find WWII info on what Company? (A-B-C) or Division (infantry?) my grandfather was in?

On Musters of 4-30-1939,  it's Company K, 29th Infantry. But 4 months later on Muster dated 8-31-1939, it says Co. B, 38th Infantry.

Most confusing is the Army - Army Air Corp division & "searches" and he actually retired from the military at Vance Air Force Base, so he's shown as the Air Force also.

So many moving variables.

I want to see if I can possibly pinpoint him overseas - Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland, Ardennes & Central Europe (which I know from his medals he received) but I'm confused as to what search "words" to use to drill down to facts.

His name was Glenn Hardgrave, retired Master Sergeant and his Army serial No. was 06260307. 

  • It is worth nothing that this is most likely Company K, 29th Infantry Regiment and Company B, 38th Infantry Regiment.  The regiment would be an intermediary level of organization between the company and the division.  A given infantry division would have several infantry regiments, each of which would have its own Company A, Company B, etc.  

    Histories of these regiments can be found here: 

    However, to expand on what Lisa said, he likely served in multiple units during the course of his military career, especially given that he retired as a master sergeant.  

    If you have a chance to visit the National Archives at St. Louis or hire a researcher in that area, they have unit rosters through 1943 and morning reports for the entire war that might be helpful in tracking his subsequent career.  Unfortunately these aren't online yet. 

    You might also want to email St. Louis directly and explain what you got on the NPRC request 4 years ago, and ask if it might be possible for a more complete response to be given now that an additional 4 years have passed since his separation from service.  Records become archival and therefore more open to the public 62 years after separation from service, to include any reserve time.

  • I was typing too fast.

    He references his truck the first ti cross the RHINE temp bridge

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