Revolution War Final Payment -Family


I do have access to FOLD3 and Ancestry and have a copy of Elijah Hooten's final payment voucher paid out 6 Apr. -- no date, but since Elijah died in 1844 I assume it is 1845 or a couple of years later.

Final Payment Vouchers Index for Military Pensions, 1818-1864

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Index to Selected Final Payment Vouchers, 1818-1864
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  The National Archives
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There is also a letter on file from 1937. A Mary Hooten asked for information about the family. Who requested the final payment? This is what the letter stated:

The papers on file in this claim contain no reference to the family of the solider, Elijah Hooten.

In order to obtain the name and address of the person paid the last payment of the pension, you should apply to the Comptroller General, General Accounting Office, Records Division, Washington, D.C, and furnish the following data:

Elijah Hooton
Certificate of 26794
Issued May 29, 1834
Rate $20.00 per annum
Commenced March 4, 1831
Act of June 7, 1833
West Tennessee Agency

My dates above may be off -- the ink is smudged on the typed letter.

And of course this information is on your website: 

The Settled Accounts for Payment of Accrued Pensions (Final Payments), August 1838–September 1865 (RG 217, Inventory 14, Series 724), relate to pensions claimed under the act of Congress of April 6, 1838 (5 Stat. 225), that allowed heirs of pensioners to claim—directly from the Treasury Department—the amount of pension accrued to a pensioner between the date of last payment and the date of death. These records frequently show the pensioner's date and place of death and names of heirs and include supporting documents, such as proof of identity of claimant, pension certificates, power of attorney, and related correspondence. The records are arranged by year of payment [updated Jan 25 2010], then by account number. 

I don't need a copy of the final payment. I need names of heirs and any supporting documents, etc.

So, there is no documentation of Elijah's children, except his son John.  You would think that someone would have requested this since 1937. Does this mean there is no records of the individuals who requested the final payout? Or is there a place where I can request this information.