Looking for relatives of people who served with the 20th General Hospital in Assam, India during WWII.

My grandfather, John Gordon Mason, served with the 20th General Hospital.  Would love to exchange photos if anyone has some.

  • David,

    My father was with the 25th Field Hospital and arrived in the CBI theater around the time the Marauders were fighting around Myitkyina.  He was a surgical assistant and medic with the 25th.  Based on some photos and a couple of notes, I know that he also spent time in Ledo, Assam.  I will look through the photos and see if any are labeled from the Assam area.  i am having difficulty with his search, as is records were destroyed in the St. Louis fire.


  • Hi Scott,

    Thanks so much for your reply!  I would be very interested in seeing any photos you have from the Assam area.  I've dealt with the St. Louis fire issue for my dad, but my grandfather's records were spared. Plus my grandmother kept so much of his paperwork in duplicate. 

    But I'm always on the lookout for anything that may help me learn and understand where he was at and what it was like.  Thank you for your dad's service.  I am a veteran, too and he has my respect. 

    Looking forward to hearing from you again.  


  • Hi, Dave,

    My grandfather was Dr. I. S. Ravdin who ran the 20th General Hospital. Though you posted 5 years ago, if still interested, please contact me if you want more information, as well as an account of a dinner conversation between my dad and General Merrill at my grandparent's table about the war.

    Anne Ravdin Taylor

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