Seeking Records of 4189th Labor Service Group

I am looking for information on the 4189th Polish Labor Service Group protecting US Forces Installation around USAREUR headquarters in Germany circa 1950's.  My father, Joe Kunzmann Sr, was a member of the organization and died of tuberculosis in 1952.  Anyone able to provide any information would be appreciated. 

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  • Dear Marie,

    Thank you very much for your message and I am so sorry I have not noticed this sooner! I would glad to conduct more local research (already visited Les Archives Departementales de la Meuse but I have not found anything substantial there). My goal is to get a copy of my relative's death certificate as it would mean a lot to my grandmother - his sister. HHe is burried in France. Do you know how the death certificates were issued at the time? Whose resposibility this was? I contacted all the 'mairies' in the area and none was able to locate it. 

    Thanks in advance for any information and help.



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