Seeking Records of 4189th Labor Service Group

I am looking for information on the 4189th Polish Labor Service Group protecting US Forces Installation around USAREUR headquarters in Germany circa 1950's.  My father, Joe Kunzmann Sr, was a member of the organization and died of tuberculosis in 1952.  Anyone able to provide any information would be appreciated. 

  • Dear Jürgen,

    I am sorry that I am responding so late, but Corona hit the family and .....

    The 4189th Labor Service unit has an interesting history:

    14 Mar 1946 activated at Mannheim-Käfertal, the official Labor Service Training Center

    27 Jan 1947 Moved to Heidelberg

    8 Jun 1949  Moved to Schwetzingen

    15 Jun 1956 Moved to Mannheim

    1 July 1956  Deactivated in Mannheim

    mission of the unit was to guard US installations

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  • Hello Raymond,

    I am also seeking similar information. I don't know if you are able to help or not, but anything would be a great help. My Uncle Henryk Rasala 21/12/1926/27 was employed as as Camp Guard at the 4071st Labor Service Company between 1946-48. Any information on this camp and where I might be able to obtain service records would be a great help.

    Thank you so much,

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  • Edd

    sorry for being very late, but I am running out of time.  I will try to find information and get with you as soon as possible.



  • Good morning edd,

    here is some of the info I found:

    4071st Labor Service Unit: Activated 14 Dec 1945 in Karlsfeld

                                               27 Sep 1946 transferred to Giessen Army Depot

                                               24 Oct 1948  Deactivated in Giessen. Personnel transferred to 4074th LSU

    In August 1950 the unit was reactivated and manned with Germans and finally on 30 June 1964 the unit was finally deactivated by USAREUR General Order 212.

    I hope that helps a little. Regarding the personnel records, I am working it but it will take some time.

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  • Hello Raymond,

    I have a similar question to the previous ones. A family member was stationed at Vassicourt France, in the American Labor Service Company. He was from Czechoslovakia but registered as Polish. First he was at 4092 service then in 4507. He was employed between around 1951 (not sure when he started his service) until April 1959 when he died. Any information about the 4092 and 4507 labour service co and when I could get his service records would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks!



  • Hello Veronika,

    I am also looking for a Polish Guard of the US Army, a family member whose story is similar to yours (his name was S. Durkac, but I am not sure of the spelling). He was staying in Lorraine when he died (probably). He was Czechoslovak so I was not sure that he really could have been part of a Polish Guard Company but thanks to your story, I have the confirmation that it is possible.

    If you ever need help with local research (I live in Lorraine), I will gladly help you.

    Best regards


  • Good morning Veronika,

    sorry for the late reply, but I was out of the area. Here is the info I can provide:

    4092nd LSU:

    Activated 15 Jul 1946 in Käfertal/ Mannheim at the Civilian Guard Training Center: The Center was responsible for training , equipping and transfer of unit throughout.

    22 Dec 1946 Transfer to Dachau. The guarded the War crime suspects during the Dachau trial.

    21 Apr 48 Transfer to Milbertshofen/ Bavaria

    6 Mar 1951 Transfer to Verdun/France

    10 Sep 1951 Transfer to Robert-Espagne

    15 Jun 1956 Transfer to Vassincourt

    1 Feb 1958 Transfer to Billy Le Grand

    1 Jul 1961 Deactivated

    4507th LSU:

    Activated 21 Jun 1954 in Vassincourt/France

    1 Jun 66 Transfer to Trois Fontaine

    1 Jul 1966 Transfer to Vitry Le Francois

    1 Dec 1966 Transfer to Verdun

    31 Mar 1967 Transfer to Miesau/Germany

    1 April 1967 Deactivated in Miesau

    Many LSUs were transferred to Germany during FRELOC (French Relocation) and then deactivated and many Polish guards returned to France because of family. Some emigrated to other countries like USA, Canada etc.

    I hope that helps a little. If you need more information, please use my private emails. That way I could send attachments easier.

    Have a great day


  • Bonjour Marie

    if you need information about the Polish Labor Service in France, I do recommend to look into the following book:

    Les Americains en France ISBN 978-2-35763-173-1. The book has a chapter about the Labor Service organization that I wrote. If I can help, please let me know

    Have a great day


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