Seeking information about  Benjamin Clannin/Clannen & Jersey Prison ship

I have an ancestor we believe died on board the Jersey prison ship during the American Revolution. There are few records of those who died - mostly first-person accounts which may anecdotally refer to some people.  My next thought is to see if there was any public notice of his death in town records of some sort during the time period.

Can anyone give me any suggestions on finding him?  I need the death information for a DAR supplemental application.  His name was Benjamin Clannin/Clannen.  b: 1741 and died prior to 7 Feb 1783.  He left four small children with his second wife in Newburyport, MA.  His second wife took her Dower share of his estate.  The children were put under the guardianship of their uncle Edward Harris, Jr.

I have been through his probate file and find no more telling information than the 7 Feb 1783 date.

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