Seeking muster/militia rolls for Northern CA Indian wars during1850-1859

I am doing research on Samuel Burney who was a CA pioneer in Shasta County CA in the 1850s. One source had Samuel Burney listed as a soldier at Fort Crook, possible Fort Bidwell or Fort Jones. pushing a little further Camp Warner, OR. However I have yet to be provided any evidence. Another source would point to old station CA, via "Old Station" perhaps as his first post in the region. I know of one such list with a Yreka historian however obtaining a quick  view of this document , all attempts have been futile. SO...some of this is off topic but I feel that if you understand what I'm up against.  Then it changes many thing in regards to actual VETERAN status for Sam, and that is why I will not stop until i get this resolved...I'm also an Army veteran.

What I know of Sam and what I need to know  :  FIRST of all Samuel Burney's name is used throughout this area, The Town of Burney, Burney Falls State Park...He was the first settler / pioneer to build and settle in the area. Not the first but was the first to die ironically by native americans, the same tribes he may have previously fighting against  I am fairly certain he was either a dragoon /enlisted, or part of a local Militia. He certainly resided in Shasta County for a period of time. His cabin was built in the northern Burney basin, His service may have been part of a local militia but either way or either fort, this information may be the key to preserving the artifacts I have found, documented with the local museum and historian, with plans for donation to the state park or museum if and when validated.

The main problem I have had is a total lack of interest in my finding which includes a foundation of his cabin site, a 1832-1835 North Judd Plains style spur which was a Army issue /surplus and a native war club which was found right next to the spur, found a short distance from the cabin site in a rocky area where the natives dragged his lifeless body in an attempt to conceal his body under rocks. It is very possible this war club still has DNA on it since 1000 years is the norm but even 500 years is hard to erase DNA. The sinue marks still circle the war club.

The muster rolls, should I find them, will validate the spur as being military issue and will confirm a few other very interesting findings, one may be golden. There is so much to this story that is going into a book and proceeds donated to museum and state park. Eventually, the artifacts as well to be part of a statewide traveling exhibit possibly according to the curator at the local museum. She knows the value and historical significance, I am also pushing for exhumation to separate Samuel and Jack.

Wait who is Jack? Jack is a 12 year old Battle Creek native boy who was also murdered by the natives that same day. None of the locals or natives are or were aware of the final resting place of Jack, until recently. I found that the paper in 1890s  mentioned the two being moved from the cabin site and buried in the present day cemetery in Burney, CA. Much much more to this crazy story that is twisting in many directions but based mostly on first hand accounts written fresh in 1859.

I'll admit, I am brand new to this forum thing and honestly I don't know if I am doing or asking the right things or even if anyone is out there who can help me or steer me in the right direction with this muster roll. Thank you very much for reading. I hope to hear from someone soon,

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