Seeking List of Bronze Star Recipients for Vietnam War

Where can I find a list of Bronze Star recipients from the Vietnam war or even a single recipient's after- action report detailing the reason for receiving the award?   

  • There is no single comprehensive list of Bronze Star recipients.  The location of any relevant records would depend a lot on branch of service, time period, etc.  Could you please provide more information about what you are trying to find out?

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    Unfortunately, there is no name index for Bronze Star awards. The citations are issued at various levels of the military hierarchy. The Official Military Personnel File of a U.S. soldier will list the general order citation that includes the unit or command that issued the award. We suggest you begin there.


    Several non-official websites list Bronze Star recipients such as Wall of Valor, American War Library,, and Wikipedia Commons but they are incomplete.


    You may also wish to review previous History Hub posts related to Bronze Star awards for additional information.


    We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your research!

  • Also, keep in mind that if it was a Bronze Star Medal for service, the write-up will be fairly generic, particularly later in the war.

    If it was an award for valor, it will have about a page-long narrative describing what the individual did to receive the award (but keep in mind that the accuracy may or may not be good).

    If you have the date of the award, and you know the unit, you can use Wikipedia to determine what operation they were on and then Google the operation and unit. Often the unit after action reports have been posted online by one organization or another. Many battalion-level after action reports can be found on the DTIC website,, or at the Texas Tech University Virtual Vietnam Archive at

    Oh, and if you're looking at a DD-214, it needs to say "Bronze Star Medal" for them to have been awarded the Bronze Star. If it says "Vietnam Service Medal with 3 bronze stars," those are small stars worn on the medal's ribbon to designate participation in specific campaigns during the war, and don't mean that the individual was awarded a Bronze Star Medal.