Looking for a Photo of Pfc. Talmage Edward Dawson (1894?-1974) of Kansas

Looking for a Photo/image of my Grandpa Pfc. Talmage Edward Dawson (1894?-1974) of Kansas- he was in the Great War/WWI. He was a member of Hq's Co, 351st Inf Reg, 88th Division in France. There is a family rumor that he fought in Russia in 1919-1920. Don't use the postcard photo of him at familysearch and find a grave, because it is just a hand-me-down postcard from WWI, not a photo of him. I tried the World War Honor Books for Shawnee County and Crawford County (Kansas) and he isn't there. He was a Linotype Operator for the U.S. Govt. (GPO) in the early 1940's, so maybe he shows up in a government employee photo.

    Need help,

                Brian Paul Kaess

  • Hi Brian,

    I saw that you donated his letters, https://www.genealogycenter.info/military/wwi/search_talmagedawson.php

    so will assume you have seen the numerous references to him in the newspapers on Newspapers.com through the years (both before & after the War), in a variety of papers in Concordia, Pittsburg, Hiawatha & Eskridge KS - Unfortunately, no picture.

    - If you don't have access let me know & I can send them.

    - I looked in these references for a picture without success, but they do have info on the 351st actions

    - The 88th Division in the World War of 1914-1918.  NY:  Wynkoop Hallenbeck Crawford, 1919.  236 p.  #05-88.1919

    - Memoirs of France and the 88th Division . Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN:   Webb, 1920

    - has some individual images but not his

    - This book does have group images of the Companies of 351st & there is a picture of Headquarters Company.  Like many of these WWI panoramic images, the men appear to have been numbered in the photo but unfortuntely I never saw a key to any of these.  Would love to know if they exist!

    - US. Government Printing Office, The 351st Infantry Historical Notes 1917 - 1919, © 1919, C. F. Brantner, Hardcover, 120 Pages.


    Image #28 – Headquarters Company


    - You could check with the local libraries & historical societies in Concordia, Hiawatha, Pittsburg & Eskridge & any other cities he may have lived in to see if they have any photos of local people that lived or worked in the town through the various decades.  Or images of local veterans

    - This article (I've included a portion) mentions his involvement with the Cary Post American Legion in Eskridge KS. 

    Eskridge Independent July 21 1920 p. 1


    I would check with American Legion Posts in towns where you know he lived to see if they have member photos

    - I am not sure the Eskridge Post is still active.  I found this mailing address but maybe check with the Kansas American Legion organization  https://kansaslegion.org/contact

    - These were on the American Legion National site

    KS Post 0064

    2815 N Joplin St Pittsburg, KS 66762-2568

    Family: Legion Riders, Sons of The American Legion

    Phone: (620)231-2240

    Email: remunson44@yahoo.com

    KS Post 0076

    506 Washington St Concordia, KS 66901-2117

    Family: Legion Riders, Sons of The American Legion

    Phone: (785)243-9834

    Email: alpost76concordia@yahoo.com

    Visit Our Website

    - You could also check with any VFW Posts to see if he joined that organization

    - This article lists him as a member of the Typographical Union

    The Worker’s Chronicle (Pittsburg KS) Jun 14 1918 p. 1

    - This link lists the records of the KS Typographical Union.  https://files.shsmo.org/manuscripts/kansas-city/K0208.pdf 

    Although manyof the papers are records like meeting minutes, they do list some membership cards from 1920's.  I don't know if these would have pictures.

    Hope one of the avenues that people have provided will reveal an image of him!

    Best of luck!


  • It would be excellent if you could send me images of newspaper clips of Talmage in Newspapers.com not already mentioned. I know he lived in Kansas in his early years, moved to Washington D:C. to work for the Govt., and then moved to the Chicago area. Thanks!

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