I am seeking information on graduates of any of the three American GI Universities in Europe, 1945-1946

Tens of thousands of GIs, while awaiting demobilization in Europe, had the opportunity to attend a special GI University in either England, France, or Italy (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G.I._American_universities ). These were innovative learning centers that offered a university level educational experience that could be transferred back to the US, and was seen as an early test of the educational component of the GI Bill and was partially responsible for proving the potential for success of GIs as college students, democratizing and changing US Higher Education. I am looking for stories of participants of these programs who came back to the US and made use of this experience. One celebrity alumni was Hugh Mulligan, a renowned AP reporter who provided some perspective in his article in Stars and Strips in 1965. https://newspaperarchive.com/pacific-stars-and-stripes-sep-26-1965-p-26/

I am working on an article and then a book length account of the longest lasting program located in Biarritz France, but am interested in all three centers.