how do I obtain enlisted ww2 flight log

how do I obtain enlisted ww2 flight log


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    U.S. Army Air Forces WWII Combat Operations [Mission] Reports (Record Group 18, Entry (NM6) 7A) are among the textual records in our custody.  This series – which is admittedly an incomplete collection – consists of original mission reports pertaining to specific targets.  These reports were filed by the units and sometimes include encounter reports by pilots, aerial photographs, and loading lists. These records do not contain individual combat records of missions flown or a record of flying times (“flight logs”). The series is described in our online catalog under National Archives Identifier (NAID) 596339. If you are unable to locate records pertinent to your research among these records, we suggest you call or write to the U.S. Air Force Historical Research Agency, 600 Chennault Circle, Maxwell Air Force Base, AL 36112-6424. The telephone number is (334) 953-2395. The web site is


    Individual Flight Records of separated U.S. Air Force personnel and Aircrew Mission Flight Data are maintained for 56 years. For information concerning the location of these records, we suggested that you contact the Air Force Records Manager, Department of the Air ForceSAF/A6PPA (C&I Policy Branch), 1800 Air Force Pentagon, Washington, DC 20330.  


    Military service personnel files and individual medical reports for the period in which you are interested are in the custody of the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis. If you have not already done so, you should complete a GSA Standard Form 180 located here and mail to the Military Personnel Records, National Personnel Records Center, 1 Archives Drive, St. Louis, MO  63138-1002. You may also apply online here. Please be aware that there was a fire at the Records Center in 1973 and some records were destroyed.  


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