Want to find dads route through

This is my Dad's DD214. He would not talk much about his experiences. Can anyone help me to see what he did and where he was during the war. I received a few medals (good conduct, EAMETO, and victory) and 4 bronze stars. Any help is greatly appreciated.

5226.coros Discharge papers_000030.pdf

  • Your best bet would be to obtain his Official Military Personnel File (OMPF), as there's not a great deal of information on the separation document, as you've found. The OMPF will also include a lot of duplicate pages and pages which are merely the unused backs of forms, but likely most of what you want to know will be found in the file. It cost me $70 to get my dad's. A quick look at Ancestry yielded only a few documents related to his service, but nothing all that informative. It appears that he was briefly hospitalized in 1945 at Camp Blanding, Florida with Enteritis.

  • Hey Jcoros, i might be able to help a bit as I am a USAF veteran and a bit of an amateur military history buff.  It looks like your dad enlisted shortly after Pearl Harbor was attacked and was assigned to the Army Air Corp and sent to Europe in early 1942.  Since we did not invade France until June 1944, my guess would be he was in England as that is where the bulk of the Air Corps was getting ramped up to start bombing mainland Europe.  From what I could find the 2530th Base Unit (BU) was a navigator training base in Selman field AL, but they must have either sent him to another unit in England as I cannot imagine they took the whole facility and moved it overseas (although not totally out of the question). Here is a bit of info I found regarding the navigator school https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Selman_Army_Airfield.  Your dad was a non-commisioned officer (NCO) and attained the rank of First Sergeant which was the second highest enlisted rank then available, and it looks like he was in administration.  He did go over to Europe and it says campaigns participated in were "Northern France Air offensive, Normandy, and the Rhineland".  You can actually request a copy of his fully military record and it's either free or relatively inexpensive as I did that for my cousin whose dad was a Marine during WWII and they sent his whole file from the time he got in until he left.  Here is the link for that Request Military Service Records | National Archives and it should show everything including his time in England (you can also request any medals he was awarded and they will send you brand new ones; did that for my wife whose dad was in the Navy during WWII.  Lastly, it looks like he was discharged and headed home before the way actually ended and arrived back in the states in February 1945.  One last thing, it looks like he went to Aviation Mechanics school in Chicago so he may have been doing admin work for a maintenance unit working on the aircraft.  Again, if you could get his full military records it would clear a lot of this up.  I am not sure how much I helped but hopefully some.  Take care and good luck.   

  • Thanks very much for your reply. I was told a while back that those personnel records were likely lost in the fire of 1973. I have later found out the fire destroyed 80% of those records. I am hoping My Dad's records are part of the 20% remaining. I appreciate the link and will try that path.


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