I am trying to find what unit my father was in in WW2.

my dad Garnett Carl Self.  was in the Army from 1943 to1945. he was a POW.  he was at Fort sam Houston. hospital.  when he came home. I accessed the national archives.  they did find his final pay stub. but because of the fire. they don't have any more records. When he was drafted in 1943. he was living in Texas.   I have his draft card information that I got from Ancestry.com.  Any help on finding out about his time in service would be much  appreciated.  my name  is Rodney Clark. 

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    If your father was a Prisoner of War, you may be able to locate him on the Access to Archives Database. The records block your father may be located under is linked here; search with his service number or name. This series has information about U.S. military officers and soldiers and U.S. and some Allied civilians who were prisoners of war and internees.

    The record for each prisoner provides serial number, personal name, branch of service or civilian status, grade, date reported, race, state of residence, type of organization, parent unit number and type, place of capture (theater of war), source of report, status, detaining power, and prisoner of war or civilian internee camp site.

    You can also submit a new request and ask specifically for the inpatient records of your father’s stay; inpatient or clinical records were not affected by the 1973 fire and would potentially provide more information. Please include the hospital year and time frame of care.

    We hope this helps with your research!