Seeking Burial Records, 46th QM Graves Registration Company

I am seeking the Burial records of the 46th QM GR Company for

April 1945.

I surmise these are in RG 92, Records of the Office of the Quartermaster General.

Here is an example from August 1944.


According to my uncle's IDPF, he was interred at U.S. Military Cemetery, Bensheim, Germany,

on 3 April 1945.

Could you please provide the box number for the files.



  • Hey Dave, thank you for the incredible service that you are doing for everyone here. You have truly brought so many people closer to their ancestors and their tremendous deeds - it is a most virtuous endeavor that you have initiated.

    I’ve been trying to locate info about my grandfather for ages. His name was James Arthur Haycox and his rank was T5 in the army. I have his draft card and his serial number appears to end in 368… I can’t see any numbers prior. He was born on Sept. 14, 1923 in Olympia, Washington and enlisted in Port Huename, CA in 1943.

    I believe that he was either a member of the 45th or 42nd as he had spoken of Dachau, the battle of the bulge, and Munich. He also had an interview in a local newspaper that detailed his efforts at Dachau to provide medical care to the prisoners. I believe that his Tech specialty had to do with his medical training as he was a med student when he enlisted. 

    any information that you could provide would be immensely appreciated! Just to know what regiment he was in would make my year - no exaggeration! I have been searching for days and weeks and I am starting to lose my mind a bit haha. Thank you so much in advance 

  • No record of him in the 29 June 1945 Division roster of the 45th ID, nor in my General Orders' worksheet, nor in the Good Conduct Medal awards of the Medical Detachment, 157th Infantry Regiment.

    No record of him in Weigand's "Index to the General Orders of the 42nd Infantry Division."

    By the way, neither the 42nd nor the 45th participated in the Battle of the Bulge.


  • Hey Dave, thanks so much for this research! I really appreciate it. I actually did some chasing and found him in the 20th Armored Division. Do you have any recommendations about where I can find more info regarding their service? 

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