AAF 15th and 24th Emergency Rescue Boat Crew

I am looking for reports filed by members of the 15th and or 24th (P399 and P613) Emergency Rescue Boat crews regarding a plane crash they responded to on July 12, 1944 on Mauru Peak, Guadalcanal.  Members of the crew scaled the mountain, rescued the lone survivor and buried the 14 killed in the crash.  I have looked in the IDPFs of those killed, found online records of other Emergency Boat crews and contacted the Air Force Historical Research Agency.  No luck.  I have page one of a report from that day, so I know the report exists.  The report is from the 24th Emergency Rescue Boat to the Commanding General, 13th Air Force Service Command with a reference number of 399,1. The first I have does not list the author. 

The rescue is reported in a book Crash Boat: Rescue and Peril in the Pacific.