90th infantry division in WW11

My question is what part or group of the 358th infantry land on Utah beach on actual D-day June 6?

I'm reading that the main body departed the ship and came ashore on June 8th 11:58 am.

thank you

  • From: Order of battle, United States Army, World War II: European Theater of Operations, divisions:

    The 90th Division's 359th Infantry Regiment minus the 2nd Battalion was temporarily attached from 1 June 1944 until 11 June 1944 to the 4th Infantry Division which landed on D Day at Utah Beach.  


    As of 1 June 1944, the 90th Infantry Division was disposed in marshaling areas as follows: The main body of the Division was stationed in the XXIX District, Western Base Section, located generally north and east of the cities of Cardiff and Newport, Wales. The Division's residual elements were located at Bournemouth, England while Group A (composed of foot elements of the first and third Battalions 359th Infantry Regiment and forty vehicles) was located at Camp Syon Abbey in Devonshire, England, and attached to the 4th Infantry Division. The 358th Infantry Regiment was stationed at Camp Llangattock, Wales....

    6 June (D-Day): The main body of the Division sailed from the Bristol Channel for the coast of France. Group A (359th Infantry Regiment minus 2nd Bn) landed on Utah Beach at 1000-1600 and moved to an assembly area in the vicinity of St. Marten Varreville (404983) as part of the 4th Infantry Division's Reserve....

    8 June (D+2): The main body of the Division arrived off Utah Beach at midmorning and began debarkation from all three transports simultaneously at 1200.

    From the attached 358th Infantry Regiment June 1944 After Action Report:

    June 4th Moved by motor to Newport Wales.  3rd Battalion boarded BIENVILLE remainder boarded EXCELSIOR.

    June 5: Sailed from Newport Wales, rendezvoused off Cardiff...dropped anchor.

    June 6:  Sailed from Cardiff in escort convoy....Received reports this was D Day....

    June 7:  Continued eastward....

    June 8:  Sailed along the Cherbourg peninsula....Anchored off Utah Beach...began debarkation at 11:38 hours....

    358 AAR 06 June 1944.pdf

    After Action Reports from the 90th Infantry Division Association.

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