Seeking information on the 159th Engineer Combat Battalion that served in Europe and inparticular the Battle of the Budge.

Two of my uncles served in WW-II during the Battle of the Buldg.  One uncle was in radio contact with his brother PFC Neil Elmeier when the radio went silent due to Neil’s company being captured by the Germans.  Neil and fellow  POWs were executed by the Germans when they retreated east due to the approaching Allies.  Neil is buried at the American Cemetery at Luxembourg.  Neal is a Purple Heart recipient.  I have been trying to locate his Army service record informatiom.  However, the Army Historical Record Center in St Louis, MO indicates no record exists due to most likely being destroyed in a fire at that sight in the mid 1970.  Neil served in 159th Engineer Combat Battalion.  His service number 33689155.

I am see,ing any information available to reconstruct his Army service.


Louis Kobet

Commander, US Navy Retired

  • Thanks to you I was able to obtain a library copy of the 159th Engineer Combat Battalion as you suggested.  A very good historical concise history with about forty pages of supporting photos.  However, no photos of my Uncle Neal.  I suspect that the many group photos were taken shortly before the battalion was disestablished after the war.  Thanks for your response to my posting.

    Lou K

  • This is my third attempt to reply to you. Just trying to close the loop in regard to the book on the 159th Engineer Combat Battalion.  I was able to get a copy sent to my local library and have alreadt returned it. You suggestion is greatly appreciated.  

    Lou K

  • I do have a pdf copy of that publication. Additionally, I will be traveling to Luxembourg in December 2024 for the 80th Anniversary events. I have an excellent historian who is assisting me in getting as much information as possible for the 159th. I am planning on visiting the American Cemetery to visit the grave sites of those who served in Company B with my father. I would be more than happy to share this information before and after my travels. 

  • Pfc Neal Neil) Elmeier was also in Company B of the 159th Engineer Combat Battalion.  The copy of the book that I obtained from the library has no photos of him and he is listed as KIA.  For decades we thought he was a POW. Yes I would welcome information on his unit should you be willing to share it.

    Lou K

  • I was aware of your uncle as he was listed in the 159th book. As I mentioned, I have an experienced historian working the National Archives for any and all documents related to the 159th. As soon as I can get more information, I will pass it along. We will definitely be stopping at the American Cemetery to pay tribute to those who are interred  there.

    I would be honored to share a photo of the grave site if you do not already have it along with any 80th anniversary events.