My Dad's service in Vietnam (A Co 2/5th 1st Cav)


I am seeking anyone who might know my Dad.  He was in country from Dec 68 - Dec 69.  Primarily in and around Tay Ninh.  I have his OMPF and can provide additional info if needed.  I would I have spoken to a few VN vets who were part of A Co but not in my Dad's platoon.  I would like to find anyone or perhaps sources for records that could tell me what platoon he was in.

Thomas (Tom) E Clark
1969-1969, 11B40, A Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division

Many thanks.


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  • There are several sites I use in my research.  I also paid a professional researcher (Army VN vet) to pull records from the Archive in DC.  It is a very tedious process but I have been able to talk to a handful of vets that were in A Co.  Unfortunately, easily accessible records only drill down to the company level.  I would love to chat further, share some of my resources, but this particular forum doesn't allow for the sharing of contact info.  If the moderators will allow, I can share some websites I use

  • I appreciate that, I called the 1st Cav association but they said there was a fire and a lot of records got destroyed. The only thing the had to say was the archives. I appreciate any thing You can do. Thank You very much , William Hendrix

  • Hello William. My name is Norman Ray. I was a medic in A 2/5 from Sep68 to May69. The name Hendrix was the last name of our 1st Sergeant. He was a very easy going man and we all thought the world of him. at one time we had a soldier who did not want to follow the rules and Top told him the rules were for everyone not just a few. This man threatened Top and was taken by M. P.s. He asked if I heard all that was said and I said yes. He asked if I would write it down for him. I did. A couple of months later I was testifying at a court martial in Phouc Vinh. Top was very well liked and respected by all the men. One other thing about Top was he stayed in the field with us at all times   and never stayed in the rear like some of the others did. He was a fine man and a fine soldier

  • Norman I really appreciate that, He passed away in 85, I have been trying to get some records from govt.. that really means a lot to me. Bill Hendrix