Information on my Granfather's service in WW2 - Armored 2nd division

Russell W Keech

I am trying to get more info on my grandfather who served in WW2. I have found very little and it does not compute properly to me.

I know he was in the 2nd Armored Division under Patton. I have his purple heart and his first jack with the 2nd division patch on the shoulder. (see attached)

What I have found is his Army Serial Number and a date on the info that he enlisted in 1946. That can not be correct. I think he left the army then and left as a Master Sgt. I think he was in Hiawaii then. 

I know he was in battles as he would tak about them to me when I could get him to talk about it.

I remember my little sister sitting on his lap and picking out sharpnel from his head and arms all the years later.

Russell W Keech
Here is his service serial number I have: 14038637

Birth: May 18, 1023

Death: April 5, 2009

I would love to have more info on him.

Any help is appreicated.

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