Seeking collection donated to 15th Air Base Wing history office

I'm not sure if this is the right forum to ask this in, but I've hit a wall trying to figure out where else to look or who to contact. I'm trying to track down items that my great uncle, Roy M. Belco, donated to the 15th Air Base Wing history office regarding his time in the Army Air Forces in the Pacific theater during WWII. I have a letter to Roy from the historian at the time, Leatrice Arakaki, dated 17 December 1991 thanking him for his donation and stating that his items will be added to their historical archives. I would appreciate any help regarding how to track down someone associated with this office or any other tips about other places to look for Roy's collections. 

I would also be interested in information about Roy's career in the Army Air Forces in general, but our family believes Roy's records to have been destroyed in the 1973 NPRC fire so this may be harder or not possible to come by.