Second Infantry Division Historical Review Fiscal Year 1982.

I am a 2nd Infantry Division Veteran who served in Korea in 1982. I served on the DMZ with the 1/17 Infantry Battalion and came across a declassified document (Second Infantry Division Historical Review 1984)during my search for information and official records that show that 2nd Infantry Division Units patrolled the DMZ as this document shows. This is a 1984 document, I am looking for the 1982 Historical Review for the Second Infantry Division? I need this information for my VA claim that shows my unit conducted patrols along the DMZ in 1982. The 1984 Historical review shows that 1/17 Infantry was there in 1984, which is great, The 1/17 Infantry was there in 1982 and many other years as well, but I need the 1982 Historical Review. I would greatly appreciate anyone’s help. Thank you.