Records on 101st Infantry Regiment, 26th Infantry Division ("Yankee" Division) Technical Sergeant George T. Handford

I'm searching for information on Technical Sergeant George T. Handford. He served in the 101st Infantry Regiment during WWII and was KIA on March 16, 1945. I've found where the 101st regiment was advancing into southwestern Germany at the time but I've not found much else. The family lore is that he was killed during the Battle of the Bulge but the timeline doesn't add up to that. 

Any information or starting points or other tips for how to research would be greatly appreciated.

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    I can't tell you where exactly the event happened but I can narrow it down for you quite a bit. You are right in that the timeline does not add up. The Battle of the Bulge hasdended several weeks before the event that you are asking about.

    Two men, Carl P. DeVasto, and David J. Clymer, both WWII veterans of the 101st Infantry Regiment, prepared a list of locations for the regimental headquarters during the war. You can find this at.    On March 14, the headquarters was at Serrig, in the modern German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. On March 17, the regimental headquarters was at Mettlach, in the modern German state of Saarland.

    In between the two dates, on March 16, 1945, the regimental headquarters was at, "pillbox". No further description, just, "pillbox". The 101st was doing battle within the Siegfried Line at the time. With the help of a good map of the area, you should be able to focus on a small area within which the event likely happened.

    As an aside, you perhaps already know this but TSgt Handford, serial number 20742439, according to the American Battlefield Monuments Commission, currently rests in the Lorraine American Cemetery in St Avold, France in Plot B, Row 24, Grave 25.

    Dave S.

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