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My grandfather served in the Army during WWI in France. He was a brakeman on the railroad. I'm trying to determine where he may have been stationed, possibly which rail yard. I have obtained his discharge papers but nothing is listed as to his location during the war. Any suggestions would be helpful, thank you!

  • Do the discharge papers list the unit to which he was assigned?  If so, you could share that and people may know of sources of information about that unit.  

    Also, in general, if you share his name, date of birth, date of death and other perinate information, people can check sites like Ancestry to see if they can find other sources for you.

  • If you know what unit he was in, you'll find information in Volume 3, Part 3 of the World War I Order of Battle. If not, you can read about the Railroad Service in Volume 1, both available for downloading from the U.S. Army Center of Military History, here:



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    It seems our community has provided good resources for you to consider. In addition to those suggestions, you might want to consider the information below.
    We agree with the community that you should revisit your grandfather's discharge papers.  The name of your grandfather's unit should appear under his name on WWI era discharge papers.  Once you have the unit information, we can assist you further in locating records relating to the unit's movements throughout Europe during World War I.  If you need assistance in reading the discharge papers, please email us at archives2reference@nara.gov so that we can assist you further.
    The Textual Reference Archives II Branch (RR2RR) has custody of the Records of the American Expeditionary Forces (World War I) (Record Group 120).  Military unit files among these records consist mostly of historical reports, operation reports, and unit journals.  Unfortunately, they do not include personnel information and we do not have a name index to these records.  However, while these records focus more on the unit rather than the individual soldier, it is possible that further extended searching by you or your representative after you have located your grandfather's unit would eventually yield some pertinent documents.
    We will be happy to make the records and their finding aids available to you or your representative in the Textual Research Room (Room 2000) here at the National Archives at College Park, Maryland. Please visit our website for information about visiting the National Archives in College Park, MD, including how to schedule a research visit.
    We invite you to continue the conversation with community members on History Hub, but should you have follow up questions for the staff at Archives II, please email us at archives2reference@nara.gov so that we can assist you further.

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  • Greetings,

    Thank you so very much for you reply and your service, greatly appreciated!

    My grandfather's name was Charles C.Stombaugh. He was discharged on 9/26/19 at Camp Taylor, KY. Last assigned to 229 Co C 7 C.